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The Prayer Walk, scheduled for August 17, 2024, aims to bring together the diverse faith communities of the greater Middletown area in a collective, powerful act of prayer, reflection, and unity. This event presents a wonderful opportunity for us to come together, regardless of denomination or tradition, and blanket our city in the power of prayer.
Here are the details for the Prayer Walk:
• Date: August 17, 2024
• Time: 10:00am
• Starting Point: Your Home Church
• Route: Your Church Neighborhood (I’m happy to help you plan a route)
During the Prayer Walk, we will walk in the neighborhoods served by our own churches, offering prayers for our community, its leaders, institutions, and residents. By walking together and praying in unity, we hope to foster a sense of solidarity and peace among all who call this area home.
Our area is in need. All around us we see the impact of violence, of poverty, of addiction. We believe that by joining in prayer as a unified body in Christ, we can make a meaningful impact on our area and contribute to its well-being. We believe that through our simultaneous prayer and presence in our neighborhoods, God can and will move mountains and tear down walls in this city and the extended area around us.
We will provide further instructions on the event itself as we get closer to the date. For a better sense of what we do during prayer walks at Middletown Nazarene, you can see that at the following link:
Please feel free to reach out with any questions to
Thank you for considering this event, and we look forward to walking in prayer with you.