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Why we do this:
We believe that God has placed our church building in our particular neighborhood for a reason. We don't view ourselves as perfect, or as saviors to the downtrodden, but we do know that God hears our prayers. Prayer is often asking God for blessing, so we pray to ask for God's blessings for our neighborhood; for the inhabitants, for their concerns, for peace. We also pray in Thanksgiving for the joy we see - birds chirping, children playing, love experienced.

We blanket our neighborhood in prayer because we want to spread God's love and blessing to all. We know that prayer moves mountains and brings down walls.

What we do:
Read through our chosen verse or passage 3-5x and allow two words to jump out to you. As you walk today, pray those two words over the people who live in the space you’re walking past. Look for signs of where God is at work, and ask God to deepen his presence in these two ways.
And remember: act natural on your walk. If you pass someone on the street, it doesn’t have to be weird. A big point of this is to connect with neighbors, so say hello, make it a point to get their name if you don’t know them. If you feel led, tell them you are on a prayer walk around the neighborhood and ask if there is anything they would like prayer for. Maybe even pray right then and there!
Remember what you see/sense – we’ll debrief together.